Our visit to Gran Chaco together with Coopsol

March 23rd to March 25th We arrived to Santiago del Estero and spent the day with Coopsol, working on the strategy, reiterated our vision and purpose, reviewed our progress with the project and agreed upon the overall plan for the visit. We took a moment to celebrate what we have... View Article


Here are two ways to check if your honey is raw, organic, or pure

Ways to check if your honey is raw, organic or pure Raw Honey First,  it is advised to note whether the coloration of the honey is light yellow, medium yellow, golden, yellow or slightly brown. On average raw honey will look lighter yellow and will be more opaque.   Second,... View Article


Top 5 Raw Honey Benefits

Benefits of Raw Honey Although it isn’t easy to find raw honey, it does have a distinguish nutritional value and many health benefits. It is one of the best alternatives as a sweetener. Moreover, raw honey is considered as functional food or also as alkaline food. The ingredients in raw... View Article


What are the differences between Raw Honey, Pure Honey and Natural Honey ?

The similarities and differences of raw, pure and natural honey   The labels “pure”, “raw” and “natural”  have a lot of similarities than differences. The term natural simply means “ artificial additives”, pure means no additives whatsoever- even natural ones and raw means no additives or processing.  For natural honey... View Article

What is raw honey ? and is raw organic good for you ?

What is raw honey ? and is raw organic good for you ?   In the global honey market, there are various demands of honey. Yet the two popular ones are raw honey and organic honey. Although there’s not much of a difference between the two, raw honey simply means... View Article